*Our service charge base is $69.95+tax. This charge is applied just for going to location. If we can perform the job while there and you choosnot to have it done, we still charge $69.95+tax. However, if you choose to have it fixed while we are there, the service charge is waived and instead you are charged for parts and labor. 

Has your unit stopped working? 

Don't panic!!!! Give us a call at any time and we'll gladly get you scheduled so one of our qualified technicians can assist you.

(479) 419-9595

How can you determine if your unit needs serviced? 

​​PRO Heating and Cooling LLC

If your unit: 

*isn't cool enough

*isn't heating

*is blowing loudly

*is freezing up

*is leaking

*is making weird noises

*fan isn't working

*thermostat isn't working...etc. 

If you ever feel uneasy about the way your unit is performing, just give us a call!